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Premier Choice Among Mercer Island Painting Companies: Welcome to Paintzone

Welcome to Paintzone, your premier, painting contractor serving the city of Mercer Island. Nestled by the picturesque Lake Washington, our craftsmen takes pride in offering a myriad of painting services, consistently delivering exceptional workmanship across the city. With an unwavering dedication to your project, our crew guarantees that every house is painted to perfection. With an end result that’s nothing short of fantastic, we breathe new life into your location, ensuring that our valued clients are always thrilled with the transformation.


Interior Painting in Mercer Island

Paintzone stands out as the top choice for exceptional painting. With our team of highly skilled painters, we bring unparalleled expertise and attention to detail to every project we undertake. Whether it's a residential or commercial space, we are committed to delivering outstanding results that exceed your expectations.

Mercer Island, with its thriving population, deserves the finest painting available. That's why Paintzone takes pride in being the go-to choice for city residents and businesses alike. Our crew of dedicated painters is well-versed in the unique requirements of the city, and we have successfully completed numerous projects across the island.

Consultation Process:

We attentively listen to your requirements, ensuring a clear understanding of your unique tastes and design aspirations.


We revitalize your interiors, skillfully applying paint to walls, doors, trims, and kitchen cabinets. Our profound knowledge of products aids in crafting a flawless interior paint job.

Our offers include:


Minor drywall repairs


Wallpaper removal


Preparation of surfaces


Painting walls and ceilings


Brush or spray finish on baseboards, crown molding, wainscoting, window trims, door trims, and doors


Off-site spraying in a controlled environment


Color scheme matching

As adept painting contractors we acknowledge the individual requirements each project presents. Our selection process might involve high-grade paints from Benjamin Moore or Farrow and Ball, or the application of sturdy finishes from Fine Paints of Europe, all depending on your specific needs. 

We meticulously consider each of your preferences, and the requirements of the project, delivering solutions that successfully blend quality, cost-efficiency, and fairness. With our work, there’s no compromise on aesthetic value, durability, or overall worth. As the property owner, you’ll find peace of mind knowing your furniture and flooring are adequately covered, and our operations are safe for kids.

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Painter in Seattle, Red Dutch door with high-gloss finish, painted using Hollandlac98 from Fine Paints of Europe.

Mercer Island Residential Exterior painting

Enhancing the exterior beauty of your property is as crucial as enriching its interior. At Paintzone, we meticulously undertake every step to achieve this balance. A month before the painting process begins, we wash away debris and dirt, ensuring a pristine canvas for our work. We take careful measures to prune plants away from the house and cover them, ensuring your garden remains undamaged.

As professional painters, our dedication to detail and quality surpasses the average, as we commit to extending exceptional care and service to every assignment we undertake. Entrust your needs to our crew and witness the extraordinary transformation that can be achieved through expert craftsmanship.
Before we lay a stroke of new paint, we peel away all old paint. This crucial step maintains the texture of your home and ensures the fresh layer of paint adheres optimally. We then follow this up by applying a superior oil-based primer, providing your house with a radiant and enduring color. Trust Paintzone to deliver an exterior transformation that combines aesthetics, longevity, and respect for your property.

Exterior Painting Seattle

Our comprehensive exterior painting services include:


Pressure washing


Lead testing for your house


Detailed preparation of surfaces to ensure excellent paint adhesion


Painting of siding, trims, soffits, shutters, and woodwork


Application of solid, semi-solid, and semi-transparent quality stains to decks or fences


Varnishing or clear coating of wood surfaces


Carpentry job

Let's talk about your painting project

Image depicts a modern and luxurious urban apartment building exterior. The building displays sharp, clean lines and geometric architectural features, giving it a contemporary feel. Its high-end facade incorporates a mix of glass and steel materials, reflecting the cityscape around it. The building stands tall against a backdrop of a clear blue sky, accentuating its impressive stature. The urban setting suggests a bustling city life, yet the design of the building provides a sense of exclusivity and elegance.

Comprehensive Range of Decorative Solutions : Transforming Commercial Spaces along Scenic Lake Washington

At Paintzone, our expertise extends beyond residential services. We also provide businesses in Mercer Island and neighboring areas with professional and custom solutions for commercial spaces.

  • Enhancing interiors across diverse environments, encompassing warehouses, retail establishments, offices, and dining venues.
  • Rejuvenating facades from storefronts and multi-story structures to museums and beyond.
  • Mastery in treating a multitude of materials, including wood siding, stucco, and metal surfaces.
  • Strategic applications on accent walls to deliver a striking visual impact.

Our painters excel at transforming commercial spaces into vibrant, inviting environments conducive to a company' growth and success. As a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company, we adhere to the highest safety standards for our team and clients.
Utilizing top-quality paint from renowned brands like Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Fine Paints of Europe, we consistently provide impeccable painting procedures that enhance your business environment. We prioritize client satisfaction and superior service. Trust us with your painting needs and witness the vibrancy we can bring to your commercial spaces.

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Revamp Your Cabinets with Paintzone, Mercer Island's Trusted Painting Company

In Mercer Island, we offer more than just painting walls. Our services also extend to specific features such as kitchen cabinets. A fresh coat of paint on your cabinets can dramatically transform your space without the need for a costly renovation.

Image of modern kitchen featuring freshly painted slab door cabinets.

Our cabinet services include:


Applying fresh paint to existing cabinets


Coating new cabinets with paint


Refinishing various types of cabinets including oak, maple, cherry, alder, and more


Off-site spraying and refinishing


Applying high-gloss finishes

At Paintzone, our talented painters in Mercer Island use premium, two-component paints like Milesi and Renner, known for their long-lasting quality and stunning finish. As your Mercer Island-based contractor, we're committed to refreshing not just your cabinets, but all aspects of your project, always delivering top-notch results.

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Mercer Island Decorative Finish: Premium Aesthetic Transformations for Residential and Commercial Spaces

In addition to our traditional painting services, we offer a variety of distinctive decorative finish options to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your spaces in Mercer Island.

Gray accent wall in an office, featuring painted high-gloss accents, walls plastered in Roman Clay.
Navy blue high-gloss accent wall with a mirror-like finish, complemented by matte trims, in a high-gloss painted room.

Our professional expertise covers every room in your residential or commercial space, applying personalized touches that can transform your environment to reflect your unique style and taste. With careful brushwork and an eye for aesthetics, we aim for the best results in every interior painting job.

We are skilled in:


Limewash finishes


Roman clay applications


Venetian plaster techniques


French wash stylings


Tadelakt applications


High Gloss Finish

We look forward to hearing from you, whether you have a small room project or a larger business contract. Our goal is to turn your vision into reality, one brush stroke at a time.

Andrei Danu, Co-Owner

Just had our project finished by Paintzone and we couldn’t be happier with the results! We hired Paintzone to paint the interior of our home. They did an amazing job and were so easy to work with! We wanted to visually create a larger space and the team came with very thoughtful suggestions. Dorian and Andrei are detail-oriented and don’t take any shortcuts. They deliver excellent results in a timely manner, are responsive to calls, and extremely friendly. Great customer service! We will definitely work with them again on future exterior projects and recommend them to friends and family!


Paintzone is reliable, 2022 summer, they painted my house (siding, deck, door). Upon interviewing more than 10 painting companies, (the siding material was not good, so I made sure the painters understood my needs.) why I selected Paintzone, Audrei, and Darian have good attitudes, honest, and patience to communicate. They show responsible, good knowledge, and caring in their work. The paintwork from start to finish, they came often and make sure things were alright. The lead painter Nestor did great work. There were a few areas that needed fixing, they kept the promises to fix them well and at no charge. I appreciated them, good work and excellent service.


The first time we used Paintzone, they helped us by painting on the interior of our house. The work was fantastic, and their attention to detail was top notch. Last month we had them completely repaint the exterior of our home; the house was built 6 years ago, but we were never fully satisfied with the less-than-perfect exterior paintjob or paint quality that the builder used. Paintzone did a fantastic job on our exterior and COMPLETELY changed our impressions of our home exterior paint quality.


Paint zone recently helped us remodel our powder bathroom and second floor bathroom and I cannot recommend them enough. They took our beat up cabinets and competently transformed them resurfacing them and getting rid of any blemishes and they looked better than new afterwards. They have incredible attention to detail and are very responsive. The only problem is they did such a good job that now we want to have them help paint even more of our house!


Andrei and Dorin are astute professionals. They communicated clearly throughout the process from the initial estimate through the final walk through. After moving lights on a large ceiling, we worked with Andrei and Dorin to patch holes and blend new paint with the existing color. The finished product is fantastic. While at our home, they also painted interior walls, carefully prepping our home and caring for our floors and furniture. Finally they applied a special finish (Roman Clay) to a feature wall and like everything else, exceeded our expectations with their skill and careful attention to the smallest details

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