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Sammamish Painting Contractor You Can Rely On: Discover the Unmatched Quality of Paintzone

Immerse yourself in unmatched artistry with Paintzone, your go-to, locally owned painting company. Our assembly of experts is unwavering in their mission to provide premier residential and commercial painting services throughout the length and breadth of Sammamish, WA.

Our understanding of the individual style and vision of each client guides our personalized painting services. We endeavor to strike the perfect balance between superior quality and affordable pricing, assuring you an excellent service that doesn't break the bank. Let our house painters in Sammamish, WA, materialize your vision with their skilled brushwork.

Dorin Sirbu, Co-Owner

Your Top Choice Sammamish Painting Contractor for Interior Painting Services

At Paintzone, our team of seasoned professional painters excels at rejuvenating your indoor environments through our comprehensive interior painting services. Attention to detail is our hallmark, and we pride ourselves on delivering a perfect finish that stands the test of time.

As a leading painting company, we understand the distinct nature of each painting project we undertake in Sammamish. Our painting contractors are adept at customizing our approach to align with your specific needs.
Whether we're tackling a sizable, elegant living room or a small, intimate bedroom, our professional team of Sammamish painters is dedicated to choosing high-quality paints for a superb outcome. With the application of durable finishes from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore and the use of high-gloss products from Fine Paints of Europe, we ensure an impressive and lasting result.

We offer a multitude of services:


Undertaking essential drywall repairs


Efficient wallpaper removal


Meticulous preparation of all surfaces ahead of the actual painting


Skillful painting of interior walls and ceilings


Expert application of spray or brush finish on various interior trim elements and doors


Convenient off-site painting


Personalized interior color scheme matching

With the quality workmanship that our local painters bring to your job site, we confidently deliver high-quality work that transforms your entire home and enhances your living spaces. Trust in the expertise of our professional painters, who are proud to be the top painting contractors in Sammamish, and experience the unparalleled painting service that Paintzone provides.

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Painter in Seattle, Red Dutch door with high-gloss finish, painted using Hollandlac98 from Fine Paints of Europe.

Creating Curb Appeal: Expert Exterior Painting Services in Sammamish

Boost your home's curb appeal with our masterful exterior painting services. As a leading professional painting contractor and company, we utilize only premium paints and materials, ensuring a durable paint job resilient to the elements.

We acknowledge the distinct exterior painting needs of the Sammamish community and adjust our services to fulfill those needs perfectly. Whether your project involves meticulous trim painting, precise touch ups, or complex color consultation, our house painters are prepared to handle every task with precision.
In addition to several painters at our disposal, we are committed to punctuality, ensuring the timely completion of each painting project too. As one of the top painting companies in Sammamish, WA, we strive to deliver excellent jobs that leave our customers completely satisfied. In the hands of our exterior painters, every painting assignment becomes a masterpiece.

Exterior Painting Seattle

Our comprehensive exterior painting project include:


Power washing to remove dirt and debris


Lead testing for safe and compliant operations


Meticulous preparation of exterior walls to secure optimal paint adhesion


Painting various outdoor structures including siding, trims, soffits, shutters, and exterior doors


Application of protective stains to decks or fences


Varnishing or applying a clear coat to exterior doors, shutters, or other wood surfaces


Carpentry work including wood rot repairs

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Exterior view of a commercial store front, featuring a freshly painted stucco finish in sleek tricorn black SW 6258, enhancing its modern architectural design.

Upgrade Your Workspace: Commercial Painting Services by Sammamish's Top Paint Job Experts

Moving beyond the domain of residential properties, our expert team at Paintzone also serves businesses in Sammamish, WA, offering professional and customized painting solutions for commercial entities. Our commercial painting services are designed to curate vibrant and inviting environments that foster business growth and prosperity.


  • Professional interior and exterior painting of a variety of commercial buildings, applied by the best painters in Sammamish.
  • Expert painting of diverse surfaces, including wood siding, stucco, and metal surfaces, showcasing our broad skillset as a leading Sammamish painting contractor.
  • Artistic painting of accent walls that breathe life and vibrancy into your commercial space.

For the business owner, partnering with us ensures a stress-free and smooth process. As one of the top painting contractors in the area, we take your vision and materialize it, creating an atmosphere that aligns with your brand's ethos. Through our customized solutions, we cater to the unique needs of each business, reflecting your brand's individuality through our painting work.
Paintzone is committed to delivering an excellent job that leaves our clients satisfied. Our proficient team of top painting contractors and professionals upholds the highest standards, from project conception to completion, ensuring your commercial space is not just painted but transformed. As Sammamish's best painters, we're here to bring your vision to life.

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At Paintzone, we do more than just apply paint to walls; we shape environments. As painting professionals, we comprehend the crucial role aesthetics play for businesses, and we endeavor to create spaces that are not only visually engaging but also reflective of your brand's identity.

Andrei Danu, Co-Owner

Experience a Fresh Look with Our Cabinet Paint Job

Embrace a remarkable transformation for your kitchen cabinets with an innovative coat of paint, achieving a fresh and updated look without the hefty expense of a comprehensive renovation.

Image of modern kitchen featuring freshly painted slab door cabinets.
Reviving Existing Cabinets

Our adept Sammamish painters bring new life to your existing cabinets, employing expert techniques and superior quality paint. We consider your vision, preferences, and the overall design of your kitchen to ensure that the result enhances the ambiance of your space.

Painting New Cabinets

Whether you've just installed new cabinets or you're updating your kitchen design, our professional painting team is here to ensure that the paint job matches the quality of your new investment.

Refinishing Cabinets

Different types of cabinets require unique refinishing techniques, and our painters are proficient in treating all kinds of materials. Whether you have oak, maple, cherry, or alder cabinets, our refinishing services aim to highlight the natural beauty of the wood while providing it with a durable finish.

Off-Site Spraying and Refinishing

For a flawless and uninterrupted finish, we also provide off-site spraying and refinishing services. We carefully remove your cabinets and transport them to our professional spray shop. There, they undergo a detailed refinishing process before they are returned to your home and reinstalled.

High-Gloss Application

For those looking to make a bold statement, we offer high-gloss applications that can turn your kitchen cabinets into striking design features. This modern, sleek finish is as durable as it is stunning, ensuring that your cabinets will be a topic of conversation for years to come.

As your reliable painting contractors in Sammamish, we firmly believe that a successful cabinet painting project is about more than just changing the color. It's about understanding your unique painting needs, and providing tailored services that achieve gorgeous results.

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Sammamish Painting Contractor Specializing in Decorative Finishes

At Paintzone, our painting services extend beyond the conventional, proudly incorporating specialized decorative finishes that lend an exclusive flair to your rooms. Be it the understated sophistication of Venetian plaster or the distinctive allure of a limewash finish, our seasoned Sammamish painters are capable of infusing every space with a refreshing touch of elegance.

Gray accent wall in an office, featuring painted high-gloss accents, walls plastered in Roman Clay.
Navy blue high-gloss accent wall with a mirror-like finish, complemented by matte trims, in a high-gloss painted room.

The selection of a suitable painting company for your decorative finish project is paramount. At Paintzone, we undertake every project as though it were for our own home, promising dedicated attention and top-tier service for every job. We are here to utilize our professional skills and personal touch to breathe life into your next decorative finish project, morphing your space into a unique embodiment of your individual style.

Our skilled painters specialize in:


Limewash finish


Roman clay


Venetian plaster


French wash




High Gloss Finish

Our team is unwaveringly committed to customer satisfaction, providing top-tier painting services in Sammamish, with the promise of exemplary customer satisfaction and competitive pricing. Reach out to us today for a complimentary estimate and allow us to meet all your painting needs. Experience the distinctive Paintzone approach and make us your premier choice for all your painting projects in Sammamish, WA.

Dorin Sirbu, Co-Owner

Why Paintzone?

Artisan Craftsmanship

Experience the zenith of artisanal expertise with Paintzone, a locally revered establishment in Sammamish. Our adept team is unyielding in their quest to deliver outstanding results in both residential and commercial painting throughout Sammamish, WA.

Personalized Service

We adapt our house painting services to reflect the distinct style and vision of each client. We aim to find the perfect equilibrium between superior, quality work and fair pricing, providing exceptional service that respects your budget. Let our house painters in Sammamish, WA, actualize your dream space with their exceptional skills.

Value for Money

Choose Paintzone, as countless others in Sammamish have, to metamorphose your property into a manifestation of your unique aesthetic. With Paintzone, you receive more than a paint job, you embark on a transformative journey guided by trusted professionals.

Just had our project finished by Paintzone and we couldn’t be happier with the results! We hired Paintzone to paint the interior of our home. They did an amazing job and were so easy to work with! We wanted to visually create a larger space and the team came with very thoughtful suggestions. Dorian and Andrei are detail-oriented and don’t take any shortcuts. They deliver excellent results in a timely manner, are responsive to calls, and extremely friendly. Great customer service! We will definitely work with them again on future exterior projects and recommend them to friends and family!


Paintzone is reliable, 2022 summer, they painted my house (siding, deck, door). Upon interviewing more than 10 painting companies, (the siding material was not good, so I made sure the painters understood my needs.) why I selected Paintzone, Audrei, and Darian have good attitudes, honest, and patience to communicate. They show responsible, good knowledge, and caring in their work. The paintwork from start to finish, they came often and make sure things were alright. The lead painter Nestor did great work. There were a few areas that needed fixing, they kept the promises to fix them well and at no charge. I appreciated them, good work and excellent service.


The first time we used Paintzone, they helped us by painting on the interior of our house. The work was fantastic, and their attention to detail was top notch. Last month we had them completely repaint the exterior of our home; the house was built 6 years ago, but we were never fully satisfied with the less-than-perfect exterior paintjob or paint quality that the builder used. Paintzone did a fantastic job on our exterior and COMPLETELY changed our impressions of our home exterior paint quality.


Paint zone recently helped us remodel our powder bathroom and second floor bathroom and I cannot recommend them enough. They took our beat up cabinets and competently transformed them resurfacing them and getting rid of any blemishes and they looked better than new afterwards. They have incredible attention to detail and are very responsive. The only problem is they did such a good job that now we want to have them help paint even more of our house!


Andrei and Dorin are astute professionals. They communicated clearly throughout the process from the initial estimate through the final walk through. After moving lights on a large ceiling, we worked with Andrei and Dorin to patch holes and blend new paint with the existing color. The finished product is fantastic. While at our home, they also painted interior walls, carefully prepping our home and caring for our floors and furniture. Finally they applied a special finish (Roman Clay) to a feature wall and like everything else, exceeded our expectations with their skill and careful attention to the smallest details

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