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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get an estimate?

We make getting an estimate from PaintZone very easy. Just go to our Contact section, fill in some very basic details about the work you need and one of our friendly and experienced team will visit your property to do an assessment and provide you with a timing plan. Although we hope you see the benefits of working with us, all estimates are on a no obligation basis.

How long will it take to paint a house?

The length of time it will take to complete a project is determined by several factors. In order to give you a rough estimate, we would need to see the property and what is required first. Factors such as the amount of preparation needed, finishes required and room sizes will all affect time estimates. That said, an average sized home can be painted in about three to four days.

How quickly can I use a room once it has been painted?

Again, this all depends on the individual circumstances of the job, but on average, the paint will feel dry to the touch after around 24 hours and it is at this point that you can replace any furniture. However, paint jobs can take up to 2 weeks to fully set so the need to be careful is paramount.

What do I need to do before painting begins?

Whilst we can help, it is of great benefit to a speedy start if you can clear rooms of any furniture and other items before we arrive on site. We understand that this will sometimes be impractical and if this is the case, we can work around items such as fittings and heavy fixtures.

Do you clean up when the job is complete?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves in our impeccable customer service and this includes how we leave your property and belongings too. We always ensure that we work in a clean and tidy way and when we have completed the work, we will carry out a thorough clean-up process. We always ensure that we leave your property in the condition in which we found it, it’s the PaintZone way!

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